Saturday, January 30, 2010

bubbly bar of soap ;)

I really love all kinds of bath & body and beauty products! Another trait inherited by my sweet momma, Lisa B. She always seems to find the "best of the best" when it comes to beauty & body products. Also, ever since opening my store, Lilee's & Co., it's part of my job to research the product and figure out what works, smells, and feels the best!

My husband told me before we got married that after we marry I will have to give up my luxurious bar soaps and switch to his kind... Obviously that did not happen, and now he even steals my soaps! I even stuffed his stocking with his own soaps, so he does not steal mine! Once you use a great soap, you'll see it is truly a treat for your skin!

A few of my favorites:

Fresh bar soaps are a new favorite of Barrett's and mine! They smell sooooo yummy!

Claus Porto soaps just look too beautiful to even use! The boxes are so awesome that I just love setting them out in our bathroom! I just purchased and love the boxes of the two soaps pictured below!

Rose Soap by Claus Porto- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this soap! It truly smells so great!

Roger & Gallet Soaps are some of the best French milled soaps out there. Lotus Bleu and the Lettuce Soap are my 2 favorites! But they are all scrumptious!

Lady Primrose Royal Extract Cream Soap is such a great feeling and moisturizing soap. The smell is very clean and crisp!

Rance Le Vainqueur Soap is one of my all time favorites. Great for a man or woman. The scent is just awesome and Rance soaps lather so great! A must try!

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