Friday, January 29, 2010

A well dressed bed

Here are the basic elements to a well dressed bed. Very simple and easy to follow and you will be on your way to putting together your dream bed!

*1-2 sets of sheets (fitted and flat sheet)

*A matelasse, coverlet, or quilt (goes over top sheet)

*A duvet, comforter, blanket, or quilt (folded at the foot of the bed)

*Bed Skirt (optional)

Pillows (from back to front, or mix it up & arranged whatever way looks best)

*1-2 Standard Sleeping pillows (Twin-Queen size bed) or
2 King Pillows or 3 standard pillows (King size bed)

*1-2 Euro Pillows (Twin-Queen size bed) or
2-3 Euro Pillows (King size bed)

*Decorative Pillows (Depending upon the bed or bedding, you might need 1-4 decorative pillows. It's really up to you, your taste and what you think looks best. From my last post, you can see that a twin bed only needed 1 pillow, where on a king size bed 4 decorative pillows were used.)

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