Thursday, March 18, 2010

Capturing the Cruise

Here are a few photos that my mother in law snapped while aboard the boat! My main camera is broken, and I can't find the charger for the other one. (I know, should have just gone out and bought a new charger... But, that's been the last thing on my mind! ;) Therefore, Charlene captured what she could with her camera until her battery died on the 3rd day... BUMMER.

Anyway, we made 3 stops in 6 days: 1st stop- Key West, 2nd stop- Grand Cayman Islands, and 3rd stop- Jamaica. It was a great trip with my husband, his brother and the in-laws! Enjoy the pictures!

Arriving in Fort Lauderdale

Finally on the ship! Windswept!

My handsome man =)

Kayaking in Key West (It was FREEZING, hence the jacket!)

Grand Cayman

Chase, Barrett and I in the Jeep

Night #2- The family with our great dining staff Pedro, Inyoman and Ida

"Captain" Phillip and I ;)


Greet said...

Hi Ashlee,
I just have discovered your beautiful blog and I am so glad I did!
So I added you to my bloglist and will come to visit you often!
Have a nice day!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

You're so gorgeous! And the die for. So jealous right now! Glad you enjoyed yourselves! XO Katie

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