Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring is in Bloom!

I can not believe that it is March ALREADY! Wow this year is flying by! I can feel spring in the air, as it is another beautiful day here in Jacksonville! I wish I could be outside, but I have the door wide open at Lilee's so I can enjoy the weather as much as possible!

Since moving into our home back in October, it has been mostly cold weather so we have not been able to get out in our yard and fix it up. The grass and plants were not in the best shape (pretty much dead) when we moved in, and with many "freezing" nights these past couple of months, it looks even worse! I'm ready for some gorgeous green grass, color and blooms! We are antsy to get out in the yard ASAP, and as soon as it starts to warm up we will! Here are some beautifully landscaped gardens that just inspire me even more!

Don't you just want to be here? Beautiful!

I wish I could grow Hydrangea like these!! So gorgeous!

1 comment:

Fancy Pants said...

LOVED these pics! Hydrangeas are my absolute fave flowers ever!

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