Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning... How I love thee!

Today's post is from my Aunt KBL. She is so inspiring, and when she says that she loves cleaning, she REALLY does! Enjoy!

"Ah, Spring cleaning...How I love thee, let me count the ways... Not everybody loves to clean. But I believe that Spring Cleaning is a must. While there are so many products out there today to make life simpler, I believe we have no excuse not to. I love to approach Spring Cleaning in a non-conventional way. I use this time to actually take stock in each room and look at it NOT as a boring job, but as something that will be quite satisfying. I may use an old fashion method or even a great smelling one that is offered by Mrs. Meyers or Caldrea. They will actually make your heart sing while you are cleaning! FIRST...I put on some 40's music (my preference) and take a room and while I clean I will rearrange and re-purpose! I may even take a jaunt to my favorite antique place, home improvement store or wherever to refresh a room. You will be surprised at how your mood will change when you have completed a room. And, you will be able to look out your windows to see a gorgeous Spring coming!

Welcome a beautiful Spring with fresh and clean rooms!

Favorite Products: Swiffers, Baking Soda, Scotch Brite Dusting Cloths (that you can use, wash and reuse!), Mrs. Meyers Scouring Surface Powder, Surface cleaner by Caldrea or Mrs. Meyers. I also love the wipes that are made by them... EASY Cleaning... But cleaning all the same!" - KBL

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TML said...

I love this entry! :) It's inspiring, which is what I need to get that spring cleaning going.

Katie in the UK

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