Monday, March 22, 2010


I am obsessed with Iomoi home accessories, chic paper and fun gifts. I have always loved and wanted one of the customized Lucite trays for a coffee table, or just to display because they are just so darn cute! My heads spins because there are so many fun patterns to choose from, I can't choose just one!

Custom Lucite Trays

This sunny yellow tray makes me happy! ;)

Darling Custom Coasters

Lucite Ice Buckets (So cute!)

Oversized Label (LOVE IT!!)

Coral Gift Tag

Adorable Address Labels

Obsessed with this Calling Card!

Love this one too!

Chic Stationary

images via Iomoi


Ashely said...

Hey! Love the lucite too! I actually got a "catch all" tray from Dabney Lee that I use in my bathroom, google their site, very similar finds!

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Oh my.. one of those trays is on my list too! What a fabulous blog you have! I'm looking forward to following! xo

Jackie said...

love the iomoi lucite! beg to differ with ashely though. i have bought both iomoi and dabney lee trays. love the lower prices at dabney lee, but you get what you pay for. for example, with the last dabney lee tray i purchased, it was just a loose sheet of acrylic covering an uncropped design sheet. the iomoi trays are bolted together with full-bleed designs. much sturdier. much more chic. also, the dabney lee designs (not only trays) are often almost direct copies of the iomoi designs one season later. very uncool.

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