Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Girl

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! As I was thinking "green" all day today, I thought of my love for green in fashion and thought of two important green dresses in particular that I chose to wear for past events in my life...

1) The ever so green dress I sported during my high school pageant- (wish I had a picture handy to scan! I mean this dress was GREEN!)

2) The green Oscar number I flaunted at my Rehearsal dinner- (pictured below)

images by Pennington Photography

Must be something about green... I LOVE IT!

Tracy Reese

Chanel's Jade Polish

Hope you find your pot of gold! I know my pot will be filled with corned beef, cabbage and mom's homemade mashed potatoes! YUM! ;)


Gosia said...

Ich liebe grüne Farbe nichnt nur aber am meistens in meinem Schrank ;) Du hast sehr schön ausgesehen :) BR from Austria, margaretha

passport in my pocket said...

love that green dress you're wearing - so pretty!

Mariel Torres said...

LOVE the green dresses

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