Friday, February 5, 2010

Cruise Crunch Time

So, I just found out that I am going on a cruise in exactly 1 month! I am by no means ready to hop into a swimsuit! I have a month to prepare for the sun and the fun that comes along with cruising! My exercise schedule needs to become a priority again and I feel the only way that I will get in my cardio is in the mornings because after work all I want to do is relax and get in the bed! Oh, the life of an old married woman! ;)

There are two things that ALWAYS get me motivated to get moving: 1) new music on my i-pod 2) new workout attire. These two things, and imagining my pale self laying out by the pool, should be all the motivation I will need to lose some lb's before our vacation!

Here are some cute work out pieces I came across!

Lululemon Athletica Groove Pant- $98.00

Lululemon Stride Jacket- $108.00

So Low Jersey Ruffle Pant- $78.00 (I would wear these all day, every day! SO cute!)

Puma Originals Long-Sleeve Track Jacket- $52.50

Puma Essential Tank Top- $30.00

Puma Agile Pants- $35.00

Hard Tail Sport Seamed Halter w/ Built in Bra- $58.00 (perfect top with any work out pant!)

Hard Tail Tie Dyed Rollover Capri- $66.00

Hard Tail Rollover Jersey Pant- $76.00 (Love these cause they look like jeans!)

The North Face Personal Record Short- $45.00 (These running shorts have side pockets!)

The North Face Vigidis Tank- $19.95

The North Face Hope Point Hoodie (Aurora Pink)- $90.00 (I am in love with this hoodie! So girly with a super cool pattern!)

The North Face Dyn-O-Mite Sports Tank- $44.95

Prana Isis Pant- $69.95 (The slit in the back of these pants make them unique! Love it!)

Nike Break Point Trend Tank Top- $50.00

Nike Tech Capri Pant- $54.99

Nike Dri-Fit running Shorts (vivid pink)- $21.00

Nike Paris Tennis Tank- $55.00 (I'm no tennis player, but I adore this tank! I love the pleats and the back is so cute too!)


Nike Dri-fit Knit Knot Yoga Pants- $50.00

Under Armour Tank Top- $34.99

Twisted Heart Tropical Soul Hoodie- $143.00

Twisted Heart Tropical Soul Pant- $124.00

Twisted Heart Caba Hoodie- $145.00

Twisted Heart Caba Pant- $128.00

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