Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet V-Day Cards

As per my best friend's request, here are some great Valentine's Day cards I came across on the web! I love almost anything custom, personalized and/or handmade. I realize that it's a little late to order custom V-Day cards, but they are still fun to look at and gather ideas for next year! A couple could even be inspirations for a DIY project! XoXo!

The picture makes this card so sweet!

XOXO! So fun!

I love this little card! Simple and perfect!

So cool! I love the tri-fold design!

Change it up with a heart shaped Valentine! Fabulous!

So precious! Sweet Papers uses your photo to create a proof, and will send you the digital file so you can print off as many Valentine's as you'd like! Makes it easy!

What a sweet birth announcement! Pure LoVe!

Such a cute Valentine for a child to take to school!

Another good "to and from" Valentine for a child! I love the little apple in the tree!

DIY card! Take your own pictures, assemble and let your sweetheart unravel a sweet message!

Photo pop-up DIY card! Fun and unexpected!

Give away an affection ticket instead of a card! Your Valentine will surely appreciate it!

This card is so adorable you just want to pinch it! I love the whimsical and off the wall checklist!

A handmade, vintage inspired Valentine! Cute as a button! ;)

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