Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Frame It!

There is nothing better than taking that favorite photo of yours and framing it in a wonderful picture frame! It's such a simple way to bring a smile to my face and makes me happy every time! Whether it's a picture of you and your girlfriends at the beach, a prized picture of your family, or a candid of you and your significant other, they are all special because they are memories that are captured and can be remembered for a lifetime! So why not put it in a fabulous frame?!

Marye-Kelley decoupage frames are all made by hand in Houston, Texas. They are so fun and unique because you can customize the frame to say whatever you want it to say! The patterns alone are pretty enough to cheer up your day! I truly love them all! Check out some of my favorites! You can order at Lilee's & Co. 904-230-2020

The Girls Frame $42.00

The Boys Frame $42.00

Beach Frames $46.00

Family & Blessings Frame $42.00

Birth Announcement Frame $48.00

Wedding Frame $46.00

Sorority Frame $44.00

Miscellaneous Custom Frames $46.00

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